European Mineral Resources Conference Eumicon 2012, Leoben, 19-21 Sept, 2012


The sustainable mining and utilisation of raw materials and energy are central tasks for our economy and society's future. What raw materials do we plan to make use of in the future? Where will we be mining these raw materials or where will we regain them through the recycling industry? And how will we make these available for production processes in the future?

By tradition of the ”Leobener Bergmannstag¢ (miners¢ day Leoben), the European mineral resources conference EUMICON 2012 will be held at the Montan University Leoben from 19th to 21st September this year, which will be concerned with this key-questions. At the science- and economy-oriented congress, EUMICON, top-class keynote speakers and excellent business panels will give an insight on topics comprising the availability of resources for economy and society as well as new strategies and technologies in extraction, processing and recycling of mineral raw materials.

More information at: http://www.rohstoffesindzukunft.at/index.php/en/conference-en/eumicon-2012


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