SARM Conference / First Announcement

First Announcement and Call for Papers

International Conference on Sustainable Aggregates Resource Management,

September 20 - 22, 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Aggregates (crushed stone, sand and gravel) are crucial for infrastructure and construction. Areas in Europe are mostly rich in aggregates, but their supply is not coordinated within or across countries. Development of a more responsible aggregates industry with higher standards of operation and restoration, and with more recycling will create wider community and stakeholder support.

The conference will bring together stakeholders from all fields of sustainable management of natural resources. The topics of the conference can be summarized into three large groups or scales: aggregate production at the site level, regional and national level of aggregate management and trans-border cooperation in raw materials supply. The main problems addressed are:

  • best practices in the quarrying sector;
  • illegal quarrying: reasons, problems, solutions;
  • recycling of aggregates;
  • environmentally friendly extraction practices;
  • sustainable management of natural resources;
  • promotion of trans-border cooperation in aggregate supply;
  • international trade of raw materials.

Developing a common approach to sustainable aggregate resource management at all three scales, with the aim of ensuring efficient supply is our medium-term vision. Local site-level activities will focus on environmentally friendly extraction practices, recycling, and stakeholder involvement. Regional/national activities will focus on sustainable management and supply policies, considering EU guidelines and directives. Transnationally, a structure for European-wide aggregates information transfer will be created, and harmonized policies and management promoted.

The conference is addressing all stakeholders from the field: researchers, representatives of public sector, representatives of private sector and SMEs, various associations and everyone interested in the topic. Conference proceedings will be available. 

Special attention will be placed to the outcomes of the SARMá project implemented in the framework of the South East Europe Programme.

Official language: English

Types of presentation: oral (limited to 20 minutes), poster

The organizers invite individuals wishing to present papers at this conference to submit an abstract not exceeding 400 words in English. At this time, interested contributors are kindly asked to submit their abstracts via e-email to gorazd.zibret(at)geo-zs(dot)si. An abstract submission form will be available by March 2011. Deadlines will also be posted here shortly.

For further information please contact:

Dr. Gorazd Žibret, gorazd.zibret(at)geo-zs(dot)si

Dr. Slavko V. Šolar, slavko.solar(at)geo-zs(dot)si